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At the end of the day, we all have a mess in our businesses and our lives.  The question becomes who do we share what parts of that mess with when it comes to our business.  As the owner of a small business it’s likely you will go months or years without having to Present yourself or share your story.

So how do you do it?  How do you decide what to put out there?  The short answer is it depends.  It depends who you are talking with and what you are trying to accomplish.  Are you trying to recruit a key new employee?  Has your banker invited you to lunch?  Did someone leave you a message expressing an interest in perhaps investing in or buying your company?  Maybe it’s just your brother-in-law or spouse asking you how things are going.

Depending how you answer those questions and what you share with those folks can lead to various different outcomes including things like fear, excitement, or perhaps a successful exit from your company.  During the show today we provide some guidance on what to share and how to share it for these various audiences.

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Join us next week when we will talk about How Do I Know What To Focus On Next.  We will show you how the Profit Plan is a great tool for answering this ongoing question!