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We took a little trip down memory lane during tonight’s show.  We discussed how MVP in its early days wasn’t speaking the language of small business owners.  And because of that, we were making it too difficult for people to buy our services.

Part of our process for screening out potential prospects was to send them a list of information we wanted to see.  In our minds it was stuff we thought all companies had at their fingertips. They were things we figured anyone doing diligence on a company would ask for.  Things like recent financial statements, organization charts, details for how they set their selling price, and copies of their marketing plans. But for some reason we usually couldn’t get the owners to respond to us after we sent this list.  

What we discovered was that people weren’t responding to us because they either didn’t have most of this stuff, or more likely they didn’t know what they heck we were asking for!  We were speaking “big corporate” language but didn’t realize it as we thought all business people spoke this language. It took us a few years to “de-corporatize” ourselves. It started with not sending the list out any more.

So do you speak the language of business?  During the show we chatted about all 11 things we were asking business owners for and showed how these requests could easily be misinterpreted.  We think you’ll really enjoy the discussion!

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