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Do you ever feel overwhelmed as a small business owner?  Like you have to do everything yourself, especially if you want it done right?  But at the same time you’re not an expert in every aspect of your business, even though most folks expect you to have all the answers.  So what’s a lonely business owner supposed to do?

Keep in mind that your role as the business owner isn’t to do everything.  If that’s your plan then chances are you will be limiting the potential growth of your company.  Unless you find a way to clone yourself!  One of the key decisions a business owner has to make is figuring out which roles they should play in the business.

If you’ve listened to our show over the years, you might recall we’ve talked about the business owner’s role being summarized in 3 simple words: Plan, Direct, and Control.  One of the most common responses we get from owners when we ask them what they think their 3 word job description is will say “Do It All!”  So if this is you, don’t worry you’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Would you believe that one good person could make all the difference in your business?  Especially one good person who has different skills and background than you do?  Maybe someone who actually enjoys and is good at all the things you don’t really like to do or excel at?  It’s amazing the impact we’ve seen one good person make on an organization.

During the show we shared several stories of clients who have found these good people and how it’s helped them grow and enjoy their business even more.  The starting point is for you as the owner to lay out a description of what that person looks like.  What kinds of skills and experience does this person possess?  Which of the hundred things that you and your current team are doing right now that would you plan to hand off to this new person?  How would your new world look with this one good person on board?  Our guess is it might look pretty good!

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