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One of the biggest things we do for our business owner coaching clients is help them ask the right questions.  Our topic today about trying to not think about your business is one of those questions that isn’t the right question to be asking.  It’s really not even the question our clients and other small business owners mean to ask because it’s really not possible to stop thinking about your business.  The real question is more along the lines of what things should I be thinking (or worrying) about as it relates to my business.

Just like when you have kids, you never really stop thinking or worrying about them.  Your thoughts and worries tend to evolve as you gain more experience as a parent and your children get older.  There are a lot of similarities when it comes to your business.

These types of questions and common challenges are what lead to us creating our 7 Keys to Success model.  Those 7 Keys encapsulate all the things you should be thinking about within your business.  The question becomes, which one of those 7 Keys needs the most love and attention at any given time.

Chances are if you use the 7 Keys to frame your current thoughts and worries you’ll have a good idea for what you should and shouldn’t be focused on with your business.  And you’ll know what to think about, and worry about, when it comes to your business.  But you’ll never stop thinking about it!

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