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Part of being a business owner is you feel the need to be “on” all the time.  People are constantly pulling at you.  It can be exhausting at times!  Don’t get me wrong, there’s no better way to go than owning your own business, but what do you do to get yourself re-energized when you’re feeling down in the dumps.  Or, if you’re flying high, how do you stay at that peak energy level.

As with many things related to Leadership (it all starts with Leading yourself) we like to start with DISC to frame the issue.  So the answer for how to get or stay energized will differ if you are a “D” vs. and “S” in DISC parlance.  For instance, “D’s” like battles and conflicts and mixing things up whereas “S’s” prefer to have things steady and stable.  “I’s” love to be around people, any people will do as they aren’t strangers but simply friends they haven’t met yet, while a “C” would prefer to cozy up with a nice spreadsheet to do some analysis!  Click here to download a DISC grid to see if you can figure out where you fit.

Whatever the case, there are many ways to not only get yourself energized but also those around you.  During the show tonight we provided some stories and examples of what this might look and sound like to help you and your team get and keep your energy levels high!

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