MVP guys recording the weekly podcastWe find most business owners struggle to balance all the things vying for their attention. Everything from employees to customers to vendors to family and friends who want the owner’s attention. As a result, the business owners often find themselves in firefighting mode. With all these variables tugging at them, many struggle with staying focused on the right things. Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter co-hosts of Dirt Secrets of Small Business and business owners themselves with Maximum Value Partners (MVP) ( just might have insights and answers to your questions on being focused.

As the business owner, you should be focused on your primary job, which can be summed up in three simple words: Plan, Direct, Control. Given that definition, your primary focus should be your plan. As the owner, you should feel comfortable asking anyone in your organization, “What’s the plan?” One of the dirty secrets of small business is that most owners don’t have a plan. Instead they are in a mode of reacting to the daily rhythm of the business. We focus all of our business coaching clients on pulling together a plan based on the 7 Keys to Success (, starting with the Profit Plan. How are you going to make money in your business this year? What could be more important that having a plan for this? As the business owner, this should be your primary focus and the thing that drives your daily activity.

Jack also commented that one of the things some business owners wrestle with is the boredom that comes with overseeing a well-run company. This might sound a bit crazy to those who have never experienced this, but when things are going well and you have good people on board to run your business, things can get a bit boring. Especially compared to those “good old days” when you were in constant firefighting mode! Helping the team achieve the Profit Plan can be very energizing and provide tremendous focus for both you as the owner as well as your team.

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