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Staying focused can be a problem in regular life, not to mention your business life.  One of the things we provide for our coaching clients is a framework to help them know “what” they should be focusing on which is our 7 Keys to Success.  But that doesn’t explain “how” they can stay focused.  After all, don’t we all battle some demons when it comes to staying focused?

One of the biggest items with staying focused is to limit distractions.  In today’s technological world where everything seems so interconnected, it can be difficult to unplug and focus.  Each of us has different challenges.  For you it might be email and the need to respond to each one in a timely fashion.  Perhaps it’s texts or messages on one of your favorite social media sites.  Chances are you’ve gone down some different rabbit holes on social media where you started watching one piece of content and the next thing you know you’ve lost 2 hours of your day!

While this can be fun and entertaining during your evenings, weekends, or vacations, this can be a big challenge when it comes to staying focused running your business.  It all starts with prioritizing what needs to get done.  That’s where our 7 Keys to Success help because it provides a road map for the most important things in your business to focus on.

Keep in mind that one of your key roles as owner is to also keep your team focused on the most important things to help move your business forward.  And whether you like it or not, when you’re the owner you lead by example and your team is more likely to do what you do vs. what you say.  One of the simplest ways to keep everyone focused is to have a daily touch base where you talk about the most important things you and your team want to accomplish today.  If you’re able to stack those little victories day in and day out, you’ll be amazed at what a little focus can do for your business!

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