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So is the well known phrase of “go big or go home” applicable to your start up?  The answer is a definite maybe!  How’s that for a non-answer?  It’s a maybe because it’s OK if you want to eventually be big, but we would prefer to see you starting out small.  A big reason for that is that most people think so big with their start up that they never get started.

This is true for a pure startup or if you’re looking to expand your current business into a new market or launch a new product or service to your current customers.  A big reason we counsel our clients to start small is because it’s easier to get your hands around small.  It’s easier to get started.

We shared several stories during tonight’s show for how folks started small, while still thinking big, and how that was a key to getting their business off the ground.  If you’ve been stuck in neutral with a new business, tonight’s show is for you!


People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show