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So, this might sound counterintuitive to all of you business owners focused on growing at all costs, but it often pays big dividends in the long-term to slow things down a bit.  Growth can create all kinds of indigestion for a company.

We have several clients who have learned very expensive lessons about how it often pays to slow down.  This includes everything from failed acquisitions to the wrong attachments being sent out on emails and everything in between.  We shared several of those stories on our show tonight.

So what does slowing down look like?  It can be as simple as forcing yourself to wait 24 hours to make a decision or “sleeping on it” for a day or two as you let things percolate.  Believe it or not, most things can wait 24 hours (and usually longer).  Things like having regular meetings can also force an organization to slow down a bit as that structure provides a place for most decisions.  Listen instead of talk.  What about “single-tasking” vs. “multi-tasking”?

If you’re in business long enough, things should naturally “slow down” for you.  Much like an athlete moving from grade school to high school or high school to college and eventually to the professional ranks, at some point either the game “slows down” or they don’t survive at that next level.  So if things haven’t slowed down for you yet, tonight’s show is for you!


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