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This year has been one of rediscovering things for many folks, and we here at Dirty Secrets of Small Business are no different.  During the show today we shared several stories of things that we are rediscovering.  The list includes everything from golf to high school football on the personal front to things like cold calling and networking on a business front.

What we’ve “rediscovered” this year is that it often pays to go back and look at things we’ve done in the past to see if they still apply today.  Whether it’s been a few months or a few decades since you’ve last tried something, maybe it’s time to revisit it with your current perspective.  You’ll likely find that there are several things, people, and relationships that should stay in the past.  But chances are you’ll find a thing or two you should incorporate into your current situation, perhaps with a few tweaks.

From a business standpoint, one of the things that has always made sense over the decades is Know Like Trust (“KLT”).  Tapping into folks on your KLT list on a regular basis is the key to success for any business owner.  This is true whether you’re looking to add a new customer, employee, or vendor or if you’re just looking for someone to talk with about your business who you trust.  The key with KLT people is getting out of our own way and asking them for help.  And then making it easy for them to help us.

For instance, if you’re looking for help from a KLT person when it comes to meeting potential new customers, be sure to have a list of people and companies you are looking to meet.  At the very least you’ll want to have a profile for the types of people and companies you are looking to meet.  But before you do that, how about making sure your KLT list is up to date?

If you don’t have a list of all your KLT folks in one place, try downloading this simple spreadsheet to help you organize your KLT list and also prompt you to think of some folks you might not have otherwise been thinking about to help you.  Good luck in your rediscoveries!

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