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So tonight we talked about something that can be pretty painful to any business owner…losing a big customer.  When we talk about a big customer, we’re talking about someone who represents 20% or more of your sales. Which most likely also means more than 20% of your profits going away.  You’ll be hard pressed to find too many business owners who are trumpeting the day they lost a big customer, but we know that most of us business owners have been there.

If you’ve ever experienced this type of body blow (or insert any other boxing or MMA reference) then you know how devastating it can feel in the moment.  And the “hangover” effect can be tremendous if you don’t find a way to move forward. During the show tonight we shared several client stories where they lost a big customer and what they did to recover, survive, and eventually thrive!  

There is a way to get yourself out of the hole.  Start with a tourniquet then regroup and finally do an autopsy.  Sound morbid? Take a listen to the show and see what the heck we’re talking about!

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Quincy Jack Klugman (,_M.E.)

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