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Do you ever feel ready?  Even going back to your earliest childhood memories.  Did you feel ready for that first day of school.  How about that final exam?  What about that new job or promotion?  Well you were certainly ready for marriage and kids right?  Of course not!  So why would it be any different when it comes to taking over the management and ownership of your company?

During the show today we touched on several ways to approach these transitions of running and owning a business.  Our focus during today’s show is on the next generation showing that they are ready to take over.  But don’t be fooled because it’s equally important for the current generation to be ready as well.  The difference is the current generation needs to be ready for what’s next outside of the current business.

In any case, you’ll never feel like you are fully ready to take over and the current generation will never feel like they’ve given you all the information and experience you need either.  But at some point you have to take that step and move forward.  Think back to the feelings and reservations you had when you first started your business.  Think about all the unanswered questions you had, yet you still moved ahead with your plan to launch your business.  And looking back now, you wonder why you waited so long to launch.  You don’t want to be looking back on the transition and wonder why you waited so long either!

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Join us next week when we will be joined by Ross Youngs of Biosortia.  Ross is a long-time entrepreneur who also happens to be an Inc. 500 Hall of Farmer!  You’ll really enjoy hearing Ross’s story and finding out how you’ve likely been using many of his products over the years.