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So you’ve had the good fortune of being asked to Present your business to a potential investor.  What do you do to get ready? As Jack is fond of saying, “It depends!” It depends on how often you Present your business.  If you’ve never Presented your business before, it’s going to take you a while to get ready to Present. Are you a “natural” Presenter?  Someone who is charismatic and can connect with any audience? Most folks aren’t natural Presenters, they just work really hard to make it look natural.

Maybe start with something a little simpler like Presenting to a banker or your team where the stakes are a bit lower.  Practice is one of the key things in preparing to Present. And each audience (e.g. investors, bankers, employees) requires a little different Presentation.  Things they care about are going to be different.

During the show tonight we shared several recent experiences we’ve had with Presenting as well as our clients.  We also tapped into our prior big corporate and Wall Street experiences to provide some guidance on how to properly frame this opportunity and where to start.  And yes, it should be viewed as an opportunity when you are asked to Present your business.

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