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Do you ever feel like a fraud?  Or do you worry that “they’re” going to figure out that I don’t belong or that I didn’t earn this?  There are hundreds of these types of questions you might be wrestling with.  For some business owners we find these thoughts will often dominate their day-to-day interactions.  Other business owners have done a good enough job over the years of either ignoring most of these voices or they have found ways to quiet the voices so they aren’t distracting or even paralyzing.

During the show today we shared several personal examples where we’ve experienced this imposter syndrome and how we handled it.  We also shared some suggestions for how you as an owner can deal with these voices of doubt either in your own head or in those of some of your key people.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

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Join us next week when we will welcome Andrew Mangels, the Director of the Porter Public Library in Westlake to chat about one of the most underutilized assets for your business…our local libraries!