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“All I need is more sales!”  Raise your hand if you’ve heard that phrase before from a small business owner you know.  Raise both hands if that small business owner is you! A Marketing plan can be one of the most daunting things to pull together for just about any small business owner.  Where do you start?

Chances are if you’ve been in business for a couple of years then you’ve probably engaged the services of some outside marketing folks.  Chances are also high that you had a not so great experience with those outside marketing folks. What’s even more frustrating, the marketing folks likely feel that they’ve done a great job for you.  So why the disconnect?

Our experience with small businesses and the marketers who are providing services is that there is often a gap between what the business owner believes they are paying for and what the service provider believes they are providing.  A simple example that most owners can relate to is a brochure. The marketing professional likely believes their goal is to provide a great tri-fold brochure. A brochure that looks good and tells the story of your company in a compelling and visually pleasing manner.  You as the business owner are expecting to increase your sales by using these brochures.

So what happens when the beautiful brochure is delivered?  The marketing professional feels their work is done, but the business owner feels like they’ve paid for something that hasn’t delivered any results yet.  The results the business owner is looking for is increased sales.

During the show tonight, we addressed how you as the business owner can have better results with your marketing going forward as it relates to increasing your sales.  We shared several stories of clients who have had some good results and break down some of the key findings we have to make sure your Marketing plan is delivering the increased sales your heart desires!


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