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Most business owners spend a good chunk of their time on people issues.  Finding them.  Training them.  Inspiring them.  Retaining them.  Firing them.  You get the idea, lots of time on people stuff!

We hear too often the pushback phrase of “I don’t have time” when we talk with small business owners about the importance of training new employees. If the owner doesn’t train them then someone else will, usually it isn’t the way the owner would train them or want them to be trained.

How about finding and paying good people.  “How can I afford to pay them” is a common question we’ll hear from owners.  Good people are hard to find and when you do you need to grab them with both hands and not let them go.  Often a big obstacle to bringing on good people is the owner’s lack of understanding for how to pay these folks, but you can only answer that by plugging them into your profit plan.

One of our favorite games with our coaching clients is to play the game “let’s pretend” because it puts us easily into a situation.  For instance, “let’s pretend your business doubles tomorrow.”  Would your current systems hold up?  Would you be able to process and produce all those additional orders?  Can your people and systems handle it?  Would you be able to fund that growth?  Getting your company ready for scalability is a key role for the owner of a business.


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