On Dirty Secrets of Small Business, business coaches and entrepreneurs Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter of Maximum Value Partners (MVP) www.maximumvp.com tackle the challenging questions that many small business owners face. In this week’s segment, Jack and Adam first discuss a client dilemma with a personnel issue of one employee “having feelings” for another employee, who did not take kindly to the additional attention.

The business owner turned to Adam for advice to see if the next step should be to talk to a labor attorney. Adam and his MVP client did some brainstorming in dissecting the details of the situation and decided that a call should be made to the labor attorney.

“In these situations, it is good to have a coach to talk you through the “what ifs” of the situation,” said Adam. “For many small business owners, there is no one that they can brainstorm with on critical issues. Jack and I do a lot of discussions and role playing with our MVP clients.”

For a good number of MVP clients, role-playing gives the business owner a chance to practice their communications and become comfortable with the strategic paths they are taking. “The client develops confidence with the position they are taking and the outcomes are usually very successful,” said Jack.

In this week’s show, Jack and Adam also cover the How Question of: How do I make more money? They go over the details of sales, revenues, profits and planning.

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