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One area of business ownership that can be very uncomfortable is having everyone’s eyes on you as the Leader of the company.  As we’ve discussed hundreds of times, being a business owner includes a lot of things that folks don’t necessarily like or want to do.  Depending on your style, Leadership may in fact be one of those things you don’t look forward to, but you’re the owner so you have to at least give it a shot.

The world is full of all sorts of stories of poor leadership.  Just read or watch any of the news today alone and you see examples of the Catholic Church in Pennsylvania and the grand jury findings on abuse and cover ups.  Or stories about Maryland football and coach D.J. Durkin and his staff and how something they did lead to the death of a 19-year old player from heat exhaustion.

Like many things in life, we can often learn more from our mistakes (or mistakes of others) than we do from our successes.  One of the things we coach all of our business owner clients on is how to best lead their organization and help them work through things that aren’t too comfortable for them.  Part of how we do this is help them to focus on their role and reinforce what it means to be a leader vs. a doer all the time.  Things like:


  • Plan Direct Control
  • Do What’s Best For The Organization
  • Help OR Get Out Of The Way
  • Sometimes You Have To Jump On The Grenade
  • Don’t Ask People To Do Something You’re Not Willing To Do


We covered these and several more nuggets in tonight’s show.  Enjoy!


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