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We touched on a couple of topics during tonight’s show. One topic has to do with why you should hire overqualified people even though we find most small business owners talking themselves out of it.  The second topic had to do with how do you know what to do next or where to start?  These are two common issues we have seen with a number of small business owners.

As counter-intuitive as it might sound, many small business owners are afraid of hiring folks who are overqualified.  Jack and I have a hard time with this as we know the tremendous value good people can bring to an organization.  Many owners make the mistake of viewing someone who is overqualified as being too expensive so they think they can’t afford them.  Usually this is the result of the owner not having worked with good people.  Owners may also express a fear that if they bring in this overqualified person then they will leave in six months or they will just go off to start their own competing business after they learn from this business.  Our response to this is SO WHAT!  Good people bring almost instant value to any organization they join and will leave that organization better off than when they joined.  It doesn’t matter if it’s six months or six years.

We find many business owners getting stuck with ideas they’ve had for a while but they just aren’t sure where to start or what to do next.  So too often they just freeze up or spin their wheels.  A big reason for this is what we refer to as “people not knowing what they don’t know.”  That may seem like an odd phrase, but just think about it for a moment.  If I don’t know what I don’t know, I’m probably never going to get to the answer on my next move.  I have to go searching for answers.  This will require me to engage with different people and investigate different resources to start to realize what it is that I don’t know and then start to get educated on that topic so I can move forward.  A big part of what we do with our business coaching clients is to help them work through this process quickly and suggest next steps for them to take to move forward.  It often starts with documenting stuff going on in your business.  That moving forward process creates tremendous energy for all people involved.

We shared several stories on tonight’s shows of client situations where there have been some great successes by following some of the principles we covered during the show.  Enjoy!


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