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Well, it’s almost here.  2020 is nearly finished.  And there’s promising news on the vaccine front with COVID so things are looking up heading into 2021.  But there are several changes we’ve all had to make in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  As we head fully into the planning season, the question becomes what changes do you keep from this year going into next year?  What changes are happening worldwide that are going to impact you and your business?

So whether you’re one of the fortunate folks whose business benefited from the pandemic and the changes you made to combat it or if you’ve had a tougher time, we all have seen some positive changes due to this pandemic.  It could be something simple like our local drive in movie theater who is having a record year.  Now they know theaters are going to be opening again in 2021, but as part of the changes with COVID this year they’ve had to go to an online reservation system.  So they now know how many folks are going to be coming to a movie each night.  Think about all the positives with staffing and food that provides.  In addition they started hosting graduation events and even live comedy shows.

You and your business have had some positive changes as well.  So let’s not let this pandemic go to waste and be sure to include some of these positive changes heading into 2021 and beyond!

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