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Most business owners spend a lot of time thinking about their people.  Do I have the right people?  Are they doing the right things?  Do I need more or different people?  And perhaps the most vexing question, is it time to hire someone else?

While it’s nice to tap into technology and systems to help run your business, at some point you’ll need to add more people to your team if you want your business to continue to grow.  The timing of these additions can be tricky.  Many owners wait until they and the team can’t take it any more.  Where the proverbial wheels on the bus are shaking and rattling because everyone is working so hard.  Almost no one hires people too soon.  So how do you know it’s the right time to hire someone?

There are a few signs to look for to help you figure out if you need to hire someone:

  • Your team is working a lot of overtime
  • You as the owner are feeling burned out
  • The same issues continue to come up
  • The business has grown recently but your team hasn’t
  • Lack of skills or experience internally is holding the company back
  • People aren’t having as much fun at work any more

We are fans of bringing on good people sooner vs. later.  The key is to bring the right people on board who can help your company take steps up to the next level.  It’s important to bring people on board who have different skills and abilities that add to your organization.  One key hire for your small business can be the difference between you and your company just bumping along vs. experiencing significant growth.

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