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Many business owners are looking for help.  Oftentimes they are looking in all the wrong places.  It usually starts with friends and family.  Most of these friends and family are well intentioned, but many can’t relate to the challenges of owning and running a small business as they’ve never done it successfully themselves.  Or perhaps they have had some success in running a small business, but that doesn’t mean they can help or teach you.

Owners will also often devour the latest books, podcasts, webinars, or workshops in search for ways to help them take that next step.  But this often becomes like a crap shoot where you are hoping you’ll be reading the right book at the right time to address your current biggest challenge or opportunity.  Sometimes it’s best to just have someone to talk with on a regular basis who not only understands small business, but can also tailor the solution to fit your particular circumstances.  That’s where a coach or consultant usually comes in.

So if this sounds like you, now might be the time to explore hiring a coach or consultant.  This is a big decision for you and your business so it’s something you should take your time with.  Interview several people to make sure there is a good fit, not just from a skills and background standpoint, but also from a comfort standpoint.  Keep in mind that this coach or consultant is someone you will be sharing a lot of private information with.  Perhaps things you’ve never shared with anyone else.  So you want to be comfortable with them to the point you will share with them all the good, the bad, and the ugly.  Kind of like choosing a doctor!

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