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One of the toughest decisions for many business owners is deciding when it’s time to get rid of someone.  That “someone” could be an employee, contractor, customer, or even a vendor.  One of the things we love most about small business is that it allows for a heart whereas big business usually comes down to a number.

As a small business owner, chances are you know all the names of your employees.  And that’s just the starts.  It’s likely you also know their spouse and kids and much of their history.  Perhaps even their favorite sports team.  A lot of this is true for your customers and vendors as well.  All of this makes it more difficult to pull the trigger when it’s time to get rid of someone.

So what’s a small business owner to do?  Unfortunately too many small business owners hold on to people way too long and it ultimately either hurts or severely limits their business prospects.  We propose pausing to ask yourself one simple question, “what’s best for the organization?”

This one simple question helps you as the owner take some of the emotion out of these tough decisions because ultimately you care about the health and long-term well being of your business.  Too often we hear owners asking what’s best for the employee/customer/vendor in question or what’s best for a particular team member who might be negatively impacted in the short term.  Once in a while we’ll hear an owner lament about what’s best for them.

During the show today we shared several stories and situations with employees, customers, and vendors where some tough decisions needed to be made.  It comes down to what things are non-negotiable in your business when it comes to things like people’s behaviors and values.  These are the things that ultimately either build or break down trust in your organization.

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Join us next time as we will be joined on the show by business partners Scott Freerksen and Chris Mosier.  Scott and Chris are the owners of Lakefront Living International (, a national real estate franchise focused only on lakefront properties.  During the show Scott and Chris share the very different paths they took that eventually lead them each to a focus on lakefront properties.