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So are you ready?  How do you know? One of the biggest life decisions for any business owner is deciding when is the right time to sell the business.  We talk often about how lonely it is to be the owner of a business. Perhaps at no time is this more true than when you as the owner are contemplating selling your business.

One of the big reasons for this loneliness is that most people on the planet have never been through the process of selling (or buying) a business.  And while the nuts and bolts are important, things like the price, the financial performance of your business, and finding the right buyer, the emotional pieces are usually what makes a deal happen or kills it.  It’s the never ending battle of the head vs. the heart in business and this is like the final exam for the business owner.

We’ve been involved in hundreds of business transactions when it comes to buying and selling companies.  We’ve advised hundreds of people on this front, but perhaps more importantly, we both have personal experience with the range of emotions that come with selling your company.  During tonight’s show we share lots of examples from our personal experience as well as those of our clients. We talked a lot about more of the emotional issues. Some of the deeper questions like, what will I do next?  Can I really work for someone else if I sell to an outsider? What’s going to happen to my team after the sale? Am I selling too early? Too late? We addressed these questions and many more on tonight’s show. Enjoy!

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