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One of our favorite things about small business when compared to big business is that small business allows you to have a heart.  Big organizations can often feel cold and impersonal.  But with that “heart” of small business also comes a lot of emotion.  Our topic today covers one of those emotional reactions that is pretty common for a small business owner, trying to figure out if something is a fireable offense or not.

To those not familiar with owning a business, this might sound like a silly question.  I mean, isn’t it obvious what’s a fireable offense?  Well certain things like stealing are pretty universally accepted as fireable offenses.  How about lying?  Or continually forgetting things?  Or not following directions…for the hundredth time!  The list goes on and it gets a bit murky and gray pretty quickly.

Over our decades of coaching small business owners we’ve been a bit surprised at what does or doesn’t qualify as a fireable offense for some small business owners.  In fact, would you believe there are some small business owners who have never fired anyone?  On the other end of the spectrum there are owners who fire or threaten to fire folks over things that seem pretty inconsequential.  So what’s it look like for your business?

During the show we shared some stories and insights for how to take some of the emotion out of the decision to fire someone while still keeping that small business heartbeat going!

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