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As silly as the question might sound, how do you know if someone is doing a god job or not?  How do you really know?  Is it based on a gut feel?  As the owner and boss, you often aren’t aware of all the details of how things are going day-to-day.  It can be different for a key manager in your business vs. one of the more junior folks on staff.

We try to keep things as simple as possible for our business owner clients.  This starts with giving them clarity on what their role or job description is as the owner.  Three simple words: Plan, Direct, Control.  When in doubt as the owner for what you should be doing, focus on those three words.

When it comes to judging whether someone is doing a good job or not it starts with the Plan.  What goals did you have for this person and their role in the company?  Is it clear to both you and them?  How are you able to measure the results?  Have you provided clear Direction?  Did you hear them feed back that direction to you so you know you’re on the same page?

The Control part comes through a series of regular meetings and reporting.  If you have good communication, chances for success increase exponentially!  A couple of simple clarifying questions.  Based on what you know today, would you hire this person again?  If this person came in and gave you their 2-week notice, would you be secretly relieved or distraught?

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Good to Great by Jim Collins