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Do you ever get people responding to you with smiles and nods?  We get this response a lot.  Especially from small business owners.  They will often smile and nod when different business topics are brought up.  We learned years ago that the smile and nod is often code for “I have no idea what you’re talking about and I hope you don’t ask me to explain myself.”

So how do you Present yourself  and your company and ensure that you are making sense to your audience?  This very issue is part of the genesis of MVP’s 7 Keys to Success.  Early in our coaching practice we would meet with prospects and we thought most of the initial meetings were going well…we were getting a lot of head nods and smiles!  What we quickly discovered is that we were often talking a language that our prospects didn’t understand.  We were using terms and phrases that they may or may not have heard before, but in either case they were things that they weren’t doing or tracking in their business.  So they would dutifully smile and nod.

As we looked to get our second meeting set up we were often being ghosted by our prospects.  Not because they didn’t think we could help them.  But instead they felt embarrassed or inadequate because they knew they were supposed to know these things.  But no one had ever bothered to take the time to teach them these things and/or they never bothered to ask for help.

Part of our mission over the past two decades has been to help as many small business owners as possible learn how to properly Present their business to any audience.  During the show today we provided several examples for how and what you should Present with your business.

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