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We all have doubts.  It’s only human.  Some of us are just better at hiding those doubts than others.  One phrase that is often difficult for business owners to utter is “I don’t know.”  There can be a pressure as an owner to know all the answers.  Whether that pressure is real or perceived doesn’t matter because you still feel it.  It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in business for a few weeks or several decades, chances are there are times when you feel like you’re in over your head.  So what’s a business owner to do about it?

First step is to take a deep breath.  In through the nose, and out through the mouth.  Do that a couple of times to help calm and center yourself.  Usually these feelings of being overwhelmed or being over your head come in situations and circumstances that are new.  Just like other parts of your life.  Think about some recent personal situations you’ve been confronted with where you’ve felt over your head.  Thanks to COVID-19 we have all been in a variety of these situations this year.  Everything from dealing with the virus itself to the impact it has had on just about every aspect of our lives including work, school, and entertainment.

As you might imagine, whenever it comes to business and feeling overwhelmed, we focus on the 7 Keys to Success.  Why, because the answer for what to do next will come out of those 7 Keys.  You see, if you’re able to frame an issue or opportunity before having to act you will typically have better outcomes.  One of the beautiful things about MVP’s 7 Keys to Success is that it ensures you are working on the most important things in your business.  So whether you need to adjust the Vision for where your business is going long-term or you need to figure out how to make your cash last as long as possible, the 7 Keys will help provide guidance on what to focus on next.  So you don’t need to have “all” of the answers, just an answer for what to do next.

During our show, we shared several examples where we either felt over our heads or our clients did and how we used the 7 Keys to Success to help focus things and get everything moving.  We think you’ll enjoy!


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