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So does the thought that you might be the problem ever pop into your head?  One of the things we pride ourselves on is being self aware.  One key to success for any business owner is to know if you’re the problem or not.  Now this often isn’t just a blanket statement where you are the problem in every situation, but that might be the case as well.

We lost count years ago with the number of small business owners who mentioned how their companies performed better when they weren’t around.  Many of our clients have experienced record months at their business when they are out of town.  So does that mean the owner should take more time off?  Maybe.

During the show today we wrestle with this topic and ways you could figure out if you are in fact the problem in your business.  (Spoiler alert, chances are you are the problem in at least some areas of your business that aren’t performing.)  The key is to identify those areas and then pull together a plan to address them.

Keep in mind that you are one of the few consistent things in your business over the years so it might be difficult to identify some of your shortcomings or areas where you are getting in the way of your business and its success.  So hopefully you have some honest and straightforward people in your life who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is vs. telling you what you want to hear (the “mole” we discussed during the show).  Perhaps some of the stories we shared during the show today resonate with you?