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It might sound insane or counterintuitive if you run a company, but there is likely a chance you will get bored or distracted at some point.  So what should you do to avoid this boredom?  What kinds of troubles could this boredom cause in your business?

If you are running your business well, chances are you are going to get bored.  By running it well, that means you have a plan in place and everyone is working to execute that plan.  Owners often start to tinker which gets them in trouble and often gets them in the way of the team.  They aren’t doing their job of Plan Direct Control.  It all starts with the Plan.

So what are some things you can do to fight these feelings of boredom?  It depends on your awareness of the situation as the owner.  Avoid the pressure to continue to grow all the time…the phrase that says you’re either growing or dying.  Don’t believe it!

What about looking at starting or buying another company?  A good place to start  looking is your Profit & Loss statement.  Find where you are spending money and ask the question can you start a business that provides that product or service or perhaps buy one that already provides those products or services.

Maybe now is a good time to look into those other interests you’ve been ignoring for a while.  Think of things like hobbies.  Or how about trying some of that traveling or leisure time with your significant other and see how that works out.  Perhaps you’re ready for something new or even to retire!


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