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We usually get a deer in the headlights response from our clients when they first hear us talk about how boring business can get when it’s running well.  That deer in headlights look comes because most folks can’t relate to being bored with their business.  Usually they have more colorful (and painful) words to describe how they feel about their business.  Things like frustrated, excited, overwhelmed, exhausted.  It’s rare that you meet a business owner who describes themselves as being bored.

So how does this happen?  What does it look like to be bored in your business?  And why is it a bad thing to be bored in your business?  Lots of good questions which boil down to a couple of answers.

When you’re bored, chances are you might take your foot off the gas when it comes to running the business.  This means you aren’t pushing the company and your team to grow.  It could also mean you get a little more lax on some of the discipline that got your company to that boring state where you skip having certain meetings or other systems start to break down.

You could also get distracted from other things outside the business.  This could include things like other business ventures, hobbies, volunteer work, etc.  The point is, you stop spending as much time working on as well as working in your business.

So how do you fight this boredom?  That’s what today’s show is geared to helping you both identify if you’re bored and what to do about it.  Quick hint, the answer isn’t to keep growing no matter what!


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