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Marketing.  It’s one of those words that can lead to a lot of confusion and frustration, especially in the small business world!  We often hear small business owners lament about needing more Sales.  This usually leads into a discussion about their Marketing Plan since Marketing and Sales are intricately tied together.

To frame the discussion properly, we talk about Marketing as all the activities that drive prospective customers to your business.  The Sales part starts once you engage with that potential customer.  Marketing consists of three components:

  • Targets (“Who”): who are your best customers? Who should you be firing?
  • Messages (“What” and “Why”): why do people buy from your business? Why do some buy again?  Why do some leave?  What are they really buying (hint, it’s not your Product/Service)?
  • Channels (“Where” and “How”): where can potential customers hear about you? How are you reaching out to your Targets to communicate your Messages?  Which Channels have worked best in the past to bring leads to your business?

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