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Nothing like burying the answer in the headline!  Yes, keep it simple.  The best way to get things done is to get started!  Get started in pulling together your plan.  We have found too many people who are stuck in neutral.  This has been exacerbated during this year of the COVID pandemic.

Chances are you’ve had lots of different thoughts and ideas during this year for ways to remake or revitalize your business.  Perhaps you’ve had ideas for a new business based on markets opening up during the pandemic that didn’t exist before.  But all these thoughts and ideas can be a bit overwhelming.  To the point where many of us are feeling stuck.  So let’s get started!

What do we mean by “get started”.  One of the best ways to get started is getting stuff out of your head and onto paper.  We are big fans of white boards.  In fact, it’s one of the things we nearly insist all of our business coaching clients do which is install white boards in their office and home.  If you’ve never experienced the power of a white board, there’s never been a better chance to start.

If you don’t have a white board yet, start with a blank piece of paper (either physical or electronic) and start writing down the things that are on your mind.  As you start to get these things out of your head, chances are you’ll be able to start organizing these ideas and thoughts and even start connecting some of them together.  And that’s when the picture starts to come into focus for what to do first.

You will likely also get some clarity on what to do next as you prioritize that list of stuff that’s come out of your head.  As we highlighted in the show title, getting started is the most important step in getting things done.  Getting started helps prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.  Just like the old saying about how to eat an elephant…do it one bite at a time!

During the show we also shared some tips on how to utilize your Calendar app instead of a To Do list to get things done as well as how to be more disciplined in your approach to getting things done.  Enjoy!


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