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We all know it’s tough finding good people.  So when you find the good ones you want to hold onto them with both hands and never let them go!  But how do you get them to stay?  Is it all about the money?

We often hear small business owners lament how tough it is to get their people to take ownership of their work.  What they mean by this is that they want their employees to think and act like business owners.  So is this an unreasonable request?  What if you do the wrong things and scare them away?

Let’s step way back for a second.  What does it even mean to take ownership or think and act like a business owner?  Is it simply that you want your people working all the time?  Or thinking about the business 24/7 like you do as the business owner?  Maybe a little bit.  But not really.

What most business owners are looking for is they want employees who really care about the business.  That means they’ll take care of each other as well as the customer and do whatever it takes to get things done vs. making excuses.  During the show today we share a simple way to get your people to take ownership.  It involves one word…Presenting!

Some of the main benefits of having your people Present:

  • Shows how people think (i.e. you get a peak inside their brains)
  • Becomes their idea (i.e. they take ownership of it)
  • Builds their confidence (everything from grabbing a marker and going to the whiteboard to presenting a slide deck or leading a call)
  • Gets them thinking about “what’s best for the organization” vs. simply what’s best for them

Could it really be that simple?  Listen to the show today to find out!


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