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One of the biggest challenges and common frustrations of any leader is to get everyone on your team on the same page.  Use whatever metaphor you want.  Things like “all rowing in the same direction” or “everyone reading from the same hymnal” and hundreds of other cliches.  At the end of the day, it comes down to what you focus on as a Leader.  Because whatever you focus on is what your team will focus on.

During the show today we provided several examples for how great Leaders are able to get everyone on the same page.  The secret is to keep things simple.  You should be communicating the most important things in your business to your team.  If you aren’t focused on the important things, it’s unlikely the rest of your team will be focusing on the right things.

Unfortunately most small businesses lack transparency which makes it difficult to get people on the same page since they’re operating with incomplete information.  Sometimes this happens because the owner doesn’t know any better.  More often it happens because the owner is paranoid about letting too much information out and then people leaving with that information.

As small business owners, we need to learn to be more open about what’s going on in our businesses, especially with our teams.  That’s the only way we are going to empower our teams to help us achieve our goals.


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