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Do you like being in the spotlight?  Do you avoid situations where you know you’ll be asked to say something in front of a group?  Or are you the first person to raise your hand when a speaker is finished and is looking for questions?

No matter where you fall on this curve of being comfortable speaking in public, as a business owner you will have lots of chances to be in the spotlight.  Simply walking around your facility you’ll be in the spotlight as everyone is aware that the “boss” is around.  But just being comfortable in the spotlight doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily be good at speaking in public.

We can all think of examples of folks who like to talk a lot, but almost never seem to say anything.  Conversely, we can likely think of some people we’d like to hear more from but we know they’re a bit shy.  Wherever you fall on this curve of being outgoing vs. reserved, as a business owner you’re going to need to get better and more comfortable with speaking in public.

So what should you do to get better at speaking in public?  During the show we shared some ideas for how to improve as a public speaker:

  • Find opportunities to practice (BNI, Toastmasters, Open Mic/Theater);
  • Rule of 3 (keep it to 3 points or less);
  • Just breathe (you’ll be amazed what a couple of deep breaths can do);
  • Roll with it (the show must go on and unexpected things will happen);
  • Prepare (notes, bullet points, research, practice in front of a mirror);
  • Stand/Move Around; and
  • Don’t script it/speak from the heart.

There’s no one right answer for getting better at public speaking, but keep in mind it’s a contact sport and you have to do it vs. simply study or read about it.

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