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This is a question that most of the best business owners we’ve met are constantly asking themselves.  They are always looking to get better, at everything including business. The simplest way we know to approach this question is to focus on the 7 Keys To Success.  Business owners who master the 7 Keys to Success will always be making their business better if they are focused on making those 7 Keys better.

During the show tonight we provided several examples of clients of ours who have used the 7 Keys to continue moving their businesses forward and achieved goals sooner than they thought.  One of the “keys” is knowing which of the 7 Keys to Success need the most love and attention. Is it:

  • Vision: do you know where you’re trying to take your business in the next 10 years? If so, have you shared it with anyone?  What are you doing today to help make that Vision a reality?
  • Profit Plan: are you going to make money in your business this year?  If so, what’s the plan to do it?
  • Marketing Plan: do you know who the best customers are for your business?  Do you know why your customers choose to do business with your company?  Do you know why some customers have left? Do you know how to find more customers?
  • Organization Plan: do you feel like you’re the one doing everything (or at least everything else that no one else wants to do)?  Do you have the right people to help you get your business to where you want it to go? How do you find, train, and keep those good people?
  • Leadership: how are you as a leader?  What are you doing to improve your Leadership style?  What about your key people? What type of culture do you want in your business?
  • Cash Forecast: are you going to have cash in the bank for the next 90 days?  If not, how far out can you see? This week? Next week? Next month?  If you don’t have visibility on cash for 90 days, it’s hard to sleep well at night.
  • Presenting: do you know how to Present your company?  To your employees, the bank, a customer, a vendor, a potential investor or buyer?  

So how do you measure up?  Which one of these 7 Keys needs the most love and attention in your business?

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