In This Episode

We have been blessed to not only achieve success in our own personal lives and careers, but we’ve also had the benefit of working closely with many other successful people in all walks of life.  This includes people in everything from  business to politics to non-profits.

One of the consistent things with all of these successful people is that they each have several habits that keep them on track each day to achieve those successes.  While those habits might be very different for each person, there are some similarities and themes.  During today’s show, we shared several of those habits which include things like:

  • Having daily routines (including things for physical, spiritual, and mental health)
  • Looking forward instead of backward
  • Seeing things from a positive/what’s possible standpoint
  • Being comfortable saying NO


We also got into some discussions about success and how to define that.  Chances are you have some of these positive habits yourself.  It’s also likely that you may have some not-so-positive habits that are holding you back.  Hopefully today’s show gives you some ideas for how to keep those habits working for you!


People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show