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Welcome to October!  Also known as “planning season” when it comes to business.  So have you started to think about your plan for next year yet?  What kind of sales and profits would you like to achieve next year?  Not sure where to start?  Don’t worry you’re not alone.

We contend that you can forecast ANY BUSINESS.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in a retail business, professional services, trades, you name it.  We’ve heard many business owners tell us that they can’t forecast their business.  We discovered this is typically code for “I don’t know how or where to start with a sales forecast.”  We are here to help.

During the show tonight we laid out several steps for you to get started with forecasting your sales.  Like many things in life and business, we start by looking backward.  To see what historical sales have been.  What are we selling and to whom?  The starting point is to decide whether you should be forecasting your business based on your Products/Services or based on your Customers/Target Markets.  During the show tonight we shared several examples for what this looks like and provide you with a guide for how to start forecasting your sales for next year.

Also, there’s a special surprise

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