One of the things we love the most about small business is that it’s much easier to find a “heart” in a small business.  People really know each other and care about each other. That includes employees as well as customers and vendors. It can become an extended family.  But that’s also one of the challenging things about small business. Especially when it comes to parting ways with an employee, in particular a long-term employee.

So what options do you have?  It depends what category the person falls into.  Short-term employees can be short and sweet. But if they’re a longer-term employee, especially one who has been a key person in the business.  Or if they actually are friends or family outside of the business setting. That “heart” can often get in your way when making a decision for your business.  Or not making a decision.

During tonight’s show we shared lots of stories about our personal experience and those of our clients and how they worked their way through some of these tough people decisions.  Whether the company has outgrown that employee or if they’ve made some costly mistakes or they’re poisoning the other employees with their attitude or anywhere in between, we’re sure you’ll find tonight’s episode helpful!

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show

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