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If there’s one thing we’ve learned in all our decades running and advising business owners it’s that no one can have true success in their business without good people.  Unfortunately many small business owners have never experienced what a good person can do in their business.

Too many business owners burden their company with family and friends.  Not that there’s anything wrong with family and friends, it’s just hard to be objective when trying to determine if they’re good employees or not.  With current laws in place, it’s no wonder so many small business owners don’t bother looking to hire non-family or friends.  How do you interview someone you don’t know?  How do you avoid asking the wrong questions?

One challenge is knowing where to go find good people.  Do you go to Craigslist?  How about or  Should I go to a staffing company or use a recruiter? That seems expensive!  There are lots of answers to this perplexing question of how to find and perhaps more importantly, retain those good people.

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