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Most successful business owners, heck most successful people, have a group of folks who they talk with about their business on a regular basis.  So do you have a group of folks you talk with about your business?  And we don’t mean your spouse, siblings, or friends.  We’re talking about people who actually get it.  Other business folks.

As we’ve discussed numerous times both on the air and off the air, there are fewer places more lonely than running your own business.  So why go it alone?  If you aren’t part of a group already, during the show tonight we provided several ideas for how to either join an existing group or start your own group.  Start with your Know Like Trust list.  If you place calls to a handful of people on your KLT list, you’re likely to find different groups they already belong to or you might discover a few folks who are looking to start a group.

The benefits of a group are immense.  One of the often overlooked benefits is being able to share your experiences and ideas with others.  It’s often not until we have to explain or teach something to someone else that we actually realize what we know.  Plus it feels good to help other people!  Whatever you do with groups, don’t settle.  You are likely to be with this group for years so if it doesn’t feel right early on then move on.  Don’t find reasons “not to do” this, but instead embrace the power of groups!


People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show