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So who’s in charge here?  This is one of the first questions we ask when meeting with business partners.  The initial response is usually something like, “we both are” or “we all are.”  We and you know that isn’t the case.  Someone is setting the priorities for the business.

That same question can be asked of a single business owner as well.  Quite often we find that the customers, employees, vendors, or competitors are actually in charge.  How can that be you ask?  Well it comes dow to who sets the priorities for your business.

Early on in our business coaching practice, we would joke that if you didn’t get to the business owner by 10am to forget about it because her priorities had already been set that day.  Most likely those priorities were set by some type of “fire” that was created by an employee, customer, vendor, or competitor.

So how do you as the owner know what to focus on so you can properly set the priorities for your business?  For those long-time listeners to the podcast, you won’t be surprised that we come back to our 7 Keys to Success when it comes to determining your priorities in business.  Depending on the day, week, month, or year, different Keys should take center stage.

During the show today we shared several ways for you to be sure you are determining the priorities for your business vs. someone else.  Keeping focused on the 7 Keys to Success is one of the simplest but often most challenging things to do as a business owner.

People, Companies and Resources We Mentioned in the Show