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As discussed during last week’s show, we recently engaged another Marketing firm to assist us in crafting a Marketing Plan for our business that is focused on getting our Message clarified.  Quite simply we’re trying to figure out how to explain what it is that we do.  Something as simple as business coaching doesn’t quite cover it.

Over the years we’ve utilized lots of phrases to try and encapsulate what we do.  These phrases include: Good Business Made Better; Train, Mentor, and Inspire; Get Business Owners Unstuck From the State of How; and even Dirty Secrets of Small Business.  We’ve recently come up with a few more, but who knows if they capture the essence of what we’re all about.  Things like: Helping You Get Your Arms Around Your Business or Contrarians.

One key thing we find business owners don’t do enough of is profiling their best clients/customers.  If you don’t know what a good customer looks like, how do you know when you come into contact with one?  Things like gender, age, size of business, and geographic location.

This Marketing thing is really messy, challenging, frustrating, and can lead to lots of silly giggling fits.  It can make your brain hurt…in a good way.  Listen to tonight’s continuation of the discussion we started in last week’s show about Marketing Plans.

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