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We know, this might sound a bit dramatic.  Like the power struggles between good and evil!  But this can be a big challenge for couples who are also business partners.  So if you aren’t aware of the power dynamics that are happening in your business, and more specifically your relationship with your spouse, or if you are experiencing some of these power struggles then this show is for you.

We’ve been blessed to coach more than two dozen spouses who are also business partners over our two plus decades of coaching.  While this power struggle dynamic isn’t always present, it can be a relationship and business killer for those who aren’t aware of it and don’t correct it before it’s too late.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind on this topic:

  • Dominant: is one of you more naturally dominant?  One of the things we coach all of our clients on is Leadership starting with leading and understanding themselves.  Some people have more naturally dominant styles, but that doesn’t always make them right.  So when it comes to couples just because one of you is more dominant in the personal relationship that doesn’t mean things should necessarily be the same way in the business.  One way to address this is through having clearly defined roles in the business.
  • Respect: this might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s key to respect each other’s input.  It’s also key to show respect for your spouse in the business.  This includes things like not airing dirty laundry in public or complaining about your spouse to others in the business.  Or using personal knowledge you have to manipulate the situation in a way that is totally in your favor.
  • Shared Decisions: while someone ultimately needs to make a decision, it’s key that you talk about these things and inform each other what you’re planning to do.  Like many situations in life you can always agree to disagree, but don’t make decisions, especially bigger ones, without involving your spouse and business partner.  Nothing creates hurt feelings quicker than a partner not including the other partner on key decisions.

So what do you power struggle dynamics look like in your business?  If you’re not feeling any struggles, maybe you should ask your partner if they are because just because you aren’t feeling those struggles doesn’t mean they don’t.  Like many things in life and business, these types of struggles and hurt feeling can be avoided and/or minimized with good communication and understanding.

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