In This Episode

Adam’s son was home visiting from college recently and when he was heading back to school he said he missed the little things about being home.  Things like the dog resting her head on his legs while he eats or being able to drop into his sister’s room for a quick chat.

It got us to thinking and talking about all the little things in business that we often miss.  One thing we have to do for many of our business coaching clients is to slow them down and help them celebrate these moments in their business.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and continually asking yourself the question of “what’s next.”

During the show today we talked about a lot of those little things and how to recognize and appreciate those more in the moment including:

  • Hot cup of coffee/tea
  • Not having to make collection calls
  • Bank renewing your line of credit with just a signature
  • Everyone showing up to work this week
  • A new referral showing up at your business ready to buy
  • Glowing 5 star review for your business online
  • Former employee reaching out to see if they can come back
  • You’ve gone from managing 20 people to 4 people as those folks are managing the rest of the team
  • Having friends/relatives willing to help
  • Having to pay taxes
  • Having people in your business who know stuff that you don’t (especially with IT!)