Is work/life balance attainableIn this day and age of constantly being in contact with everyone through smart phones and social media in both your personal life and business life, how can you ever achieve down time or what everyone is ruminating on: the need for work/life balance? In this week’s show on Dirty Secrets of Small Business, hosts and small business owners themselves, Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter tackle not only the work/life how question, but also discuss the truth that many small business owners, who love their small business… don’t want to be disconnected from their work and don’t see the balance conundrum as an issue for them. It may be an issue for their significant others and their families…but not for the owner who has never found the switch to turn off thinking about his business and really doesn’t want to.

Adam gave the example of growing up in a family business where his dad ran a very successful advertising/public relations agency. “My dad was always available to take me to my sports practices and take part in family functions. What I didn’t realize until much later in life is that after my brother and I went to bed, my dad would probably be up until 2:00 am working on the business. His work/life balance didn’t suffer because he chose to utilize all of his time on his schedule (the things he chose to do) even if it meant burning the midnight oil.”

Jack also addresses the idea of what work/life balance means to the millennial workforce.  “To millennials and small business owners their concentration is on tracking productivity and not the normal 40-hour work week or the 9-5 job,” said Jack. “If more people would target what needs to be done and the concept that it really doesn’t matter in what time frame the project gets done or if you are able to get it accomplished sooner, then you will have the flexibility to define your own work/life balance. This will result with no compromise for reaching success and productivity.

Listen to this week’s show of Dirty Secrets of Small Business, as co-hosts Jack Mencini and Adam Sonnhalter, who are also owners of Maximum Value Partners, discuss the topic of sucky job syndrome.

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