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We all know couples where it’s evident who wears the pants in the relationship.    Other couples have more of a shared power concept going on.  So which one is right if you and your life partner are also business partners?  Should one of you be the boss?  Should you share the boss duties?

The “who’s the boss” question is one that needs to be answered in any business partnership, but it’s especially important to address when it comes to working with your spouse or significant other.  We’ve been blessed to coach dozens of business partners, many of whom are also partners in life.  As you might imagine, every situation is unique, but they all had to address this key question at some point during their business partnership.

During the show today we shared several stories of clients and how they addressed this issue, including going all the way back to Adam’s parents who were business partners for 40 years!  Be sure you have the discussion before it’s too late, otherwise there is a good chance that neither the business nor the personal relationship survive.

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