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Kids grow up so fast.  It’s hard to believe our “kid” the show Dirty Secrets of Small Business is now 100, as in 100 shows!  Where did all the time go, what have we accomplished, and where do we go from here?

We started from humble beginnings of wanting to help small business owners worldwide by sharing our experiences as well as the stories of our hundreds of clients.  We thought it would be helpful to shed some light on the “dirty secrets” of small business that we know very well but are constantly surprised more folks aren’t aware of.  There are also several commonly-held myths that the general population has about small business and we wanted to debunk those myths.  Along the way we figured we’d pick a few fights and hopefully provide some inspiration and perspective to our fellow small business owners.

We’ve taken on a range of topics where we’ve shed some light on the dirty secrets for how things are done and also debunked lots of myths.  One of the most popular has been focused on getting into business for yourself, whether that be by starting or buying a company.  Nearly as numerous have been the shows that cover the importance of the numbers when it comes to business.  This includes things like setting your selling price to understanding your financials to figuring out how to calculate and award year-end bonuses.  How about dealing with friends and family members who are part of your business?  What could go wrong with hiring your sibling? How do you get rid of that in-law in the business when things don’t go quite as you were hoping?  We also have a half dozen shows addressing the “9-to-5” or “job” mentality that can drive owners mad!  How come nobody understands why you can’t take a vacation and enjoy yourself or you can’t find that switch to turn your brain off and stop thinking about your business?

What’s the future hold?  To date, we’ve only had a couple of guests but we’re planning to have more, especially ones who can share their stories with you directly.  As we continue to promote the show and get discovered by more people, we know that you the audience will become a bigger part of the show which will include more phone calls, texts, tweets, and emails to address your questions directly.  We’d also like to become bigger advocates for the small business people in the world as they need more champions.  We see the show being syndicated in markets across the country to expand our reach to more local markets.  We’re just getting started.  Thanks for being part of the ride so far!

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