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How come most companies, large or small, have trouble communicating?  In our business coaching practice we mostly deal with companies that have less than 25 employees, but we have a few who are larger and we’ve both worked in muiti-billion dollar corporations.  In all of these cases we have witnessed and experienced communication issues.  Somehow and somewhere the communication is breaking down.

In the first meeting or two with a new client, and for many meetings afterward, we’ll talk about communication challenges and breakdowns within the company.  Would you believe that the fix to this “communication” issue is pretty simple?  Most of our clients don’t believe the solution initially either.  But the simple answer is meetings.  Well run and regular meetings.

I know, you’re thinking “Noooo, not the ‘M’ word” as in meetings.  “I hate meetings,” you say, “they’re such a waste of time!”  Believe us, we know how you feel.  Most meetings are poorly run, go over the allotted time, only cover about 10% of what was on the agenda (if an agenda even exists), and we spend a lot of time just listening to other folks chat and problem solve.  What am I doing here?

Well, we’re here to tell you that well run meetings can get your business into a great rhythm and the communication problems will melt away.  But you have to do it right.  The meetings need to be consistent and scheduled out for the year.  You have to have an agenda and stick to it.  It needs to be made clear if this is a status/update meeting or a working meeting (and don’t mix the two).  Would you believe most of our clients have come to love and even ask for more meetings?  We shared a lot of the stories and secrets during tonight’s show!


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